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About 18 years ago I came to youtube and challenged atheists to answer one simple question.  "What proof and evidence can you provide that would finally at last prove that atheism is ACCURATE and CORRECT?  Suddenly youtube started shutting my youtube channel down.  So I started another and they shut that one down.  This went on for about 14 youtube channels until it stopped.

I guess they figured I wasn't going anywhere.

Atheists were going crazy that they could not get me off youtube.  Soon my videos were being taken down.  Recently I talked about how people were dying and getting sick from taking the Vaccine.  On March 25, 2021 I proved that youtube is discriminating against me soley because I am a Christian. 

In this audio below Joe Biden actually defends illegal alien that murdered Laken Riley!!  He says "More people die from legals

than illegals.  What the heck?  He defended the murderer.

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